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Windows 10 Getting Ready For Release

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Wed, Jul 29, 2015 @ 08:07 AM

Many users of Windows software are waiting to see what the new proposed release, Windows 10, is going to be like.  Since the release of Windows 8 and its subsequent free upgrade Windows 8.1 was decidely under whelming there is a hope that Windows 10 will not disappoint again.  Windows10Logo_1

Since Windows 7 the long standing primary installation of this important operating system is getting pretty long in the tooth, especially with the advent of the growth of mobile computing a move to a new platform is certainly desirable for many users.  Of course anyone using Windows 8.1, even if they have become more comfortable over time, will be really looking to get new functionality and better comfort with the new release. Windows 8 for SMB businesses has not gained great traction so the changes here will be more consumer driven.  For Windows 7 there are many businesses who are ready for a change to a new OS.

To get a feel for what to expect with this new critical release for Microsoft, here are some comments you can review:

At this point much of the discussion around Windows 10 has been focused at IT professionals and those who are more technically inclined.  This is going to change once the general release comes out at the end of this month.  Millions of users of the Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 and 8.1 are going to be notified that they are eligible and on the list to receive the new operating system.  At this point they have one year to decide to install and activate it to be able to use it free for life of the computer.
Figuring out whether you wish to go ahead with the installation and start using Windows 10 right away is going to be something you want to check out.  Do some reading, check with some of those you trust about upgrading software, check the notices and most of all check with the suppliers of key software applications you count on.  Once the indicators show more potential for gaining performance or functionality go ahead and do the upgrade.  Windows 10 is going to become the new reality for PCs pretty soon and if you are eligible to join the ranks without new costs then it may just be a worthwhile thing to do in the next twelve months.
Lee K

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