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Most Popular Office Document Strategies Posts of 2014

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Wed, Dec 31, 2014 @ 06:12 AM

Over the course of 2014 we have covered a wide range of topics in this blog.  This post references those which have proven to be the most popular through readership views over the year.  Take a look and see if you missed any that others found useful. Happy_new_year_2014

Its interesting to note that by this measure one topic has had almost three times the readers than the next closest.  Who would figure that the changes made by Canada Post in 2014 would lead the pack.

 Canadian Postage Rates Increase March 31st 2014 - You Ready?

Of course we are entering 2015 so the 2015 changes may be of more interest now.

Canada Post Announces 2015 Postage Rates

And here are the  balance of the readership top picks:

Pitney Bowes MFP Line Sale To Konica Changes The Game

What People Print On Their Network Printers

Samsung Introduces New MFPs With Android Interface

What You Pay For An Office MFP | Photocopier

New Tools For MFP Permit Eliminating Fax Module

Paper Focused Business Processes Bog Organizations Down

Canadian AntiSpam Legislation (CASL) Becomes Effective July 1

Its Time For A Print Audit

MFP Copier Toner Scammers Strike Again. Beware! | Burlington ON

Document Filing | Are Basic Cloud Services Enough?

Rented Production Scanner + Student Intern = Savings On Paper Filing

The Right MFP (Copier)

Needs Analysis Drives MFP Choice

As can be seen by the wide range of topics that attracted the most readership over the year, Office Document Strategies continue to be varied and encompass many ways an office is impacted by the information that flows through it.

We are encouraged by the readership of the blogs we publish and we thank your for participating.

Our best wishes to everyone for a prosperous and healthy 2015.

Lee K

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