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Technological Change Continues To Alter The World

269.7 Million PCs Means A 6.2 Percent Decline In Sales For 2016

Auto Everything Is Becoming A Common Thread

Incremental Change May Not Reflect 2017 IT Issues

Key Stories From 2016 As 2017 Comes Along

Canadian Government Builds New Centralized Website

Amazon Web Services - AWS - Opens Canadian Data Centre

Pay Attention To Avoid Ransomware

Datto Drive A New Secure File Share Service

Black Friday For The Print Industry?

Wind Power May Have Value Without Subsidy | Microsoft Buy

3D Printing Is Much More Than We Might Think

Paying For Online Mobility

Canadian Credit Cards For Sale

HP Acquires Samsung Printer Business

Canadian Government Data Breaches Increase In Number

AP Automation In The Cloud | Introductory Video

4 Top Data Security Practices | IT World Canada Video

13 Reasons To Implement Automated AP Processing

Kycoera PinPoint Scan Enhances MFP Scanning - Leppert blog

Automated Accounts Payable And Invoice Processing Generate Savings and Gain Productivity

Your 3 Choices of Canadian Postage Meter Companies

Buying a Postage Meter In Canada - Three Choices

Canadian Telecommunications Are Generally Pricey

Tool For Requesting Privacy Reports

Kyocera Wins BLI Awards

Police Arrest 20 In Toner Scam

Personal Information And Important Stored IT Data

Dropping Manual Paper Processes For Business Improvement

Microsoft And LinkedIn A New Deal

Bitcoins And IT Impacts

Implementing Good Information Governance

Integrated Retailing Improves Customer Satisfaction

Microsoft Cloud Officially Opens in Canada

Lexmark To Be Sold

Ransomware Attacks Come To Hamilton Burlington

Cloud Document Management Fights Crypto Ransomware

Another Microsoft Server OS Reaches End of Life

Rapid Technology Changes Challenge Government Action

Internet of Things Continues To Grow

Using Your Copier, MFP, Scan Function For Important

Microsoft Finally Rolls Out Azure Cloud In Canada

No Postage For You - Two

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Getting Online When You Travel

Tablets For Offices | iPad Pro| Surface Pro 4

Online Sales Compliment Offline Sales

Xerox Resets | Does New Structure Lead To Improved Focus

Encrypting Corporate Data

Train Your Employees On IT Network Security

2016 Canadian Postage Rates | Questions Abound

Office Document Technology Challenges For 2016

2015 Canadian IT Data Breaches Hit Big and Small Firms

2016 Hiring Challenge For IT In Canada

High IT Connectivity, Fast Performance, Quick Response

LIFI May Replace WIFI In Some Locations

New Government, New IT, Things To Consider

Reducing Paper In Operations | Progress

e-Signature Enhances Document Management & Workflow

Manufacturer Decertifies Postage Machines Declaring Them Obsolete

Good Practices From Highlights Of Canadian IT News

Guide To Postage Meters Canada |Contract Terms 2015

HP Restructuring | A Game Changer?

Guide To Postage Meters Canada - 2nd Edition Part Two

Guide To Postage Meter Canada - 2015 Second Edition

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Windows 10 Upgrade No 2 | Expert Commentary

Creating The Discussion About Cloud Computing

There Can Be Humour In MFP Toner Piracy

Upgrading To Windows 10 | How Hard?

Document Management Is Not About Scanning But Retrieval

Using Postage & Mail Is A Good Small Business Strategy

Microsoft's Big Departure With Windows 10

Windows 10 Getting Ready For Release

Windows Server 2003 Support Ended

IT Technology Impacts Pan Am Games

Matching IT Support Needs To Vendor Delivery

Encryption For Cloud Data Security Canada

Is A Paperless Workplace Not Doable?

Canadian SMB Firms Not Aggressive In IT & Technology Adoption

Microsoft Announces Canadian Cloud Data Centres

Lenovo Expands Laptop Battery Recall

IT Security Remains A Key Issue For Canadian Business

Revised Environmental Fees | Ontario MFP Rate Drops

Canada Post Shows Annual Profit of $299 Million

12 Questions To Consider When Looking At Cloud Computing

Microsoft Announces New Security Features For Windows 10

Free WiFi May Not Be Enough In Europe

Digital Printing Revolution Continues

Help Wanted 182,000 IT Pros

US Homeland Security Warns About Windows Server 2003 EOS

Microsoft Launching Skype For Business

1.1 Million Fine Shows CASL Is Serious.

Canadians Should Buy Now. Lower Dollar Means Higher MFP & IT Costs

Net Neutrality Issues Are Real In Canada And US

Over 276,000 IT Data Breaches In Canada In 2014

Digital Workplace Part Two | Hybrid Cloud Grows

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Rented Production Scanner + Student Intern = Savings On Paper Filing

Consortium Encourages SME Businesses To Go Digital

Canadian Government IT Data Breaches Up Reports Privacy Commissioner

Pitney Bowes MFP Line Sale To Konica Changes The Game

Classroom By Google Docs Shows Altered Paper Workflow Potential

Managed Print Services (MPS) & What End Users Want

Coming Attractions - 2015: Microsoft Windows 10

Jurisdiction Is Important In Cloud Storage

Samsung Introduces New MFPs With Android Interface

Hacking Attacks Show IT& Data Security Is Always An Issue

5 Business Process Challenges That Could Have Been Avoided

Needs Analysis Drives MFP Choice

Scanning Equipment Replacement Leads To Process Change & Savings

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Cloud Computing | The Right Solution For You?

Businesses Are Responding To CASL

Data Breaches Are A High Profile IT Issue

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Incremental Document Workflow Alteration Can Get Results

SMB Business Email As A Key Communication Tool

The Right MFP (Copier)

Paper Focused Business Processes Bog Organizations Down

Canadian AntiSpam Legislation (CASL) Becomes Effective July 1

Electronic Document & Data Files Challenge Security

IT Security A Key Concern For Every IT Network

The Unseen Costs of Document Workflows Are Opportunities

The End of Windows XP | Even ATMs Run IT

MFP Copier Toner Scammers Strike Again. Beware! | Burlington ON

2014 The Year Canada Postage Rates Really Took Off!

Canadian Postage Rates Increase March 31st 2014 - You Ready?

New Kyocera Canada Colour Network Laser Printers

Mozilla and Microsoft Windows 8 | No Traction

What To Do Before Abandoning Your Old IT Network Computer

What You Pay For An Office MFP | Photocopier

2014 Canadian Postage Increases Show Need For Process Changes

12 Signs You Should Invest in Electronic Document Filing

Lenovo Laptops Tablets Smart Phones Servers & More

Lenovo Continues To Grow Its Brand With Cell Handset Purchase

Low Tech Maintenance For Your Office IT Computers

15 Myths About Your Photocopier | Burlington ON

Your Documents and the NSA - minimizing risk for Canadians

Wearable IT Devices Create New BYOD Challenges

You Are The Defacto IT Manager | How To Tell

Privacy Concerns Drive Paper Shredding

Tablets To Pass PCs In 2014

1 Billion Less | Major Changes Coming to Canadian Letter Postage

6 Month Deadline For Support For Microsoft Windows XP & 2003 Software

Cruising With Microsoft Windows 8 | 8.1 And Getting A New View

Lenovo Is On A Tear With Strong Profits

Life Of A Copier Tech Has Changed Dramatically In Past 15 Years

Fujitsu Book Scanner ScanSnap SV600 Meets Unique Needs

7 Considerations When Storing Your IT Data

Buying A Windows 8 Computer May Obsolete Other Accessories

Kyocera Canada Launches New TA5551ci Colour & TA5501i Mono MFPs

Dot CA Scam | Windows 8.1 | Different Generations Different Data

Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) Interest Heating Up

Document Workflows Impact Business Revenues And Results

Your Colour Print Service Invoice Was A Shock | What To Do

Six Reasons To Rent Your Copier | MFP

Kodak Imaging Business Gets New Name | Kodak Alaris

Growing Your Business With Free Content | Office Document Strategies Blog

Burlington Office IT Co. Finds Blackberry Z10 Active Sync Solution

Canadian Based Cloud Document Storage Is Needed

Android at 80%, Anti Spam Rules, Samsung Printer From Origami, & More

Strandvision, Innovative Signage Supplier Reaches 10th Birthday

Kyocera Upgrades Teaching Assistant & Adds New Homepoint Application

Floods,Derails, Storms & Power Outages Promote Document Management

Printing Banners Using Kyocera TASKalfa Colour MFPs

Electronic Filing Facilitates Document Retention Scheduling

Samsung Display Screen, Lenovo Tiny Combine For Conference Centre

Windows XP, Microsoft Server 2003, Exchange Server 2003 Time To Plan

Microsoft Will Pay Bounty To White Hat Security Industry

Users Get Confused Because It Is Not All In the MFP

Kodak Document Imaging Businesses Sale to KPP Good News

A Printer Or An MFP For Your Next Print Device How To Choose

Pick The Right Document Management System to Meet Your Needs

MFP Purchase Leveraged With Cloud Document Management For AP

Cloud IT, Tablets and Virtualization Strong Trends in SMB IT Study

Burlington Shredding Service Recovers $300 For Client

16 Checks For IT Data Backup| Don't Get Caught

Windows 8 Update Preview Coming. Will it Include What You Want?

Business Continuity Is The New Backup Need For SMBs

Merging Document File Types Requires Document Management Strategy

40 Questions To Ask About Your MFP Purchase Or Lease

Over Holding On MFP Lease Costs Unnecessary Dollars

Your Microsoft Windows XP Computer Workstation is Running Out of Time

FP Canada Releases New Postbase Series of Postage Meters [Video]

Your I.T. Network Backup May Not Be Good Enough

Cheap Colour Laser Printers Cost More Than You Think

18 Reasons to Choose A Dealer For Your Postage Machine Purchase

IT Exchange Performance Improved With Email Archive Solution

BDC Offers Information Technology (IT) Focused Financing for SMBs

9 Differences Between Managed IT Service & Simple Network Support

13 Cloud Computing Applications Support SMB in Burlington

Image Quality Not a Main Criteria in MFP Purchase

Email Goes Stale Really Fast - IT Network Failure Proves the Case

Windows Updates Every Second Tuesday Can Lead to IT Network Problems

AccuSender From Kyocera Solves Large File Transfer Dilemma

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Questions Anti-Spam Legislation

Decline in Print Revenue Contrasts To Growth In LED Screens

Using a Lenovo Desktop, Lenovo Laptop & Asus Tablet. Comparisons

Social Media Must Be A Part of Your Office Document Strategy

Netflix is Slamming Your IT Network Bandwidth

Ricoh Announces Non Renewal Service Agreements for Canon MFP

Email Has Its 41st Birthday and Still Growing In Importance

Business Computer Support Burlington Affected by Loss of SBS

14 Reasons To Lease Office Equipment (Printers, Mfp, Copiers & Computers)

Living With a Lenovo Twist Combo Laptop Tablet

Ontario Environmental Fee for MFP Increases Tenfold Jan 1 2013

12 Steps Illustrate Process of Office Technology Adoption- Voip

Samsung Canada Announces Refresh for Ledger (A3) Product Lineup

Kyocera HyPAS Sharepoint Connector Simplifies Scanning Input [Video]

Degrees of Cloud For Your IT Network

Kyocera Mobile Print HyPAS App Easy to Use [Video]

Kyocera Teaching Assistant Software for HyPAS MFPs [Video]

Microsoft Data Centre to Run on Human and Animal Waste

Lenovo ThinkPad Twist is Unique Version of Windows 8 Laptop [Video]

Simplify Scanning With PinPoint Scan for Kyocera [Video]

Self Diagnosis Can Lead to Wrong MFP Printer Choice

Software Tools Enhance Kyocera MFP Printer Performance [Video]

Auto Feed Cross Cut Shredder Makes Privacy Control Easier [Video]

Microsoft Windows 8. A Power Tech User's View

Review Your Canadian Postage Machine Contract in Light of New Rates

Microsoft Windows 8 May Be a Winner For You or Something to Avoid

Argo Makes the Case For Cross Cut Shredding

Index Structure Key to Document Management Retrieval Efficiency

Microsoft Windows 8 is Here. Buy the New OS Today

Shredding Services in Burlington ON Show Interest in Privacy Control

Windows 8 Available For Presale Now! Microsoft Launches A New Feel.

62 Page Per Minute Long Life Network Printer From Kyocera Canada

8 Needed Characteristics For Email Spam Control In IT Network

Business Bullies and Postage Meter Contracts

Scanning Productivity Impacted by Paper Prep - Darn Post Its

Using Colour In More Ways Than Just Printing on Your Colour MFP

Postage Machine Support Saved By Dealer Involvement

Intec Specialty Digital Colour Printing Comes to Canada

You Don't Want to Pay for Scans on Your MFP

Make Your MFP Part of Your Accounting With Account Code Software

Tablets Fastest Ramping IT Network Mobile Device | Morgan Stanley [Data]

IT Network Support Complicated by BYOD

Postage Meters and Other Mail Tools Control Costs

Multiple Screens Dominate Users' Communication Activities [Hubspot & Google Data]

Special Birthday For a Leppert Associated Baby

Canadian Utilities and Banks Promote the Use of Document Management

I Gave My Scanner to a Client & Now I Can't Work

Short on Desk Space? Lenovo Introduces Tiny Desktop

Network MFP Scanning Breaks Due to Office Plants

Microsoft as a New Gmail Competitor

Samsung Projector Phone Coming to You Soon..Beam Me Up Scotty (Video)

Photocopier & Printer Toner OEM or Compatible

IT Network Management In Burlington Monitor For Results

Postage Meter Choice Driven By Volumes and Cost

Workflow Module Adds More Productivity Power to SentryFile

Everybody is Talking About Document Solutions

Kyocera Canada Adds New 25 ppm Colour MFP

Its Hot Out There. How About Your IT Network Server?

Colour Print or Copy for 2 Cents Per Page | Kyocera MFP 3 Tier Pricing

Full Service MFP Support Program Provides Great Value | 16 Components

Not Every One Has A Connected Copier | Multifunction Printer (MFP)

Business Computer Support Programs Changing In Burlington

Electronic Filing With Windows Folders Doesn't Work!

MFP & Printer Toner Pirates Still Active In Burlington

Cloud Computing and SMBs in Hamilton [Video]

Improve Scanning Input Using Indexing Tools

Environmentally Friendly Business Solutions In Burlington

Using Kyocera Mobile Print App with Asus Android Tablet [Video]

The Guts of Your Postage Meter Contract May Be Costing You Big $'s!

Kyocera Canada Launches New Mobile Print App for Apple and Android

Password Hacking Part of Computer Support in Oakville Ontario

Pay Attention to Warning Notices on Your MFP

Postage Machine Shopping? Compare the Consumables!

Password Protected Files Got You Down - Try Document Management

myMail The Starter Postage Meter for Soho Business in Canada

8 Ways To Make Your Office Greener with Document Management

Using Bar Codes to Improve Document Filing Efficiency

Canadian SMBs Have a False Sense of IT Network Security

Is Your IT Network, MFP and Printer Support Program Like My Plumber?

Too Many Fingers in the Paper Filing Cabinet- A Disastrous Recipe

Trends in Computer Systems - Burlington Ontario

Cloud Computing A Hot Topic in IT Network Design

Ontario's eWaste Program Must Work - Dear Ryan, Great Work

Unscrupulous Toner Pirates - Warehouse Service Center, Inc.

Don't Shake The Toner in Your Kyocera MFP Printer

Professional Administrators Say Paper Filing Overwhelms Them

Kyocera TASKalfa MFP Line Awarded BERTL Best Office Line for 2012

Electronic File Storage - the Range of Options

Types of Scanners For Paper Capture - 9 Considerations

10 Reasons Why You Pay for MFP Printer Support

Kyocera Document Solutions Focuses on Software Integration

Postage Meter Rental Contract Renewal, What to Watch For

Types of Scanners to Consider For Your 'Less Paper Office'.

Windows 8 SMB Nation Expert Panel (Video)

How Not For Profits Can Use Their Colour Printer As A Revenue Stream

Canadian Postage Meter Rental - 5 Challenges to Success

Hosted Document Management is the Easy Way to Go

IT Network Connections Dog Slow After Windows 7 SP1 Upgrade

No CPU LG Creates Virtual Computer in a Monitor

How Leppert Grew Traffic With Hubspot Keyword Tool - Hubspot Learning Blog

7 Rules to IT Network Backup Reliability

Count on Your Users to Control Your Colour Print Costs

Strengthen Your Burlington Business With Document Management

New iPad Launched. PC Computer Killer Some People Think. (Featured Articles)

Samsung Launches SUR40 Surface Touch Tabletop in Canada

Canon Toner Suit - Impact For Managed Print

Consumer Preview of Microsoft Windows 8 -Three Assessments

In-house or Hosted Document Management System - How To Decide

Samsung Canada Joins the Ledger Size MFP Wars

5 Rules for Going Paperless

Samsung SCX-6545 A Profile

10 Useful Cloud Tools For Your IT Network Courtesy of SMB Nation

IT Network Acquisition Using Leasing Builds Flexibility

We'll Print Our Web Brochures on the Colour MFP | Hamilton ON

IT World Canada Tells What Went Wrong With SOPA and PIPA

Profiling SentryFile Web Based Document Management

Document Storage Clean Up is a Necessity - 7 Reasons Why.

Social Media Affects SMB Office Document Strategies

US SOPA Legislation Another Reason For Data Storage in Canada

Production Scanners From Kodak Affected by Chapter 11

SMB Operating Choice Affects MFP Ability For Scanning

Who Makes Xerox Copiers and MFP Devices?

Lost Internet Connection Slams Burlington ON IT Services

High Scanning Resolution Massacres E-mail

4 Reasons For Small Business (SMB) To Consider Cloud IT Services

7 Key Factors For Choosing Your MFP For Scanning

New Canada Post Rates Affect Postage Meter Users | Burlington ON

Office Document Strategies Celebrates the Season

Kyocera Canada Rated #1 In MFP Reliability

Centralized Scanning Captures More Paper

Toner Pixel Elimination Controls Computer Printer Operating Costs

Green Postage Meter and MFP Equals Refurbished - Your Vendors Lie

HP Printers Could Permit Hacking of IT Network Columbia Report Sayss

IT Network Systems Are Like Toilets (Graphic)

Electronic Filing is Necessary Says The Whitehouse

Small, Medium Business (SMB) And Managed Print Services

5 Simple Steps to Understanding Your Printer Operating Costs

6 Reasons Your Cost of Office Document Filing is Too High

5 Reasons to Use Centralized Scanning

Mymail Postage Meter - Powerful Machine for SOHO Offices

You Pay For Two Copiers When Upgrade Not Paid by Copier Vendor

Colour Dominates Hamilton MFP Choices 6 Reasons Why.

5 Key Features of a Postage Meter Rental

Personal Shredding in Burlington ON

Hard Drives for Lenovo & Car Parts For Honda Get Washed Out

3 Types of Scanners for Document Scanning Workflow

Buying a Wide Format MFP in Burlington ON, a Tale of Four Vendors

8 Steps To Going Paperless In Your office

Inbound vs outbound marketing, and Office Document Strategies !

World Paper Free Day - Aiim Declares Oct 27th.

Fax is Dead...Scanning Has Taken Over

More Lenovo Tablet Reviews

Crash. It Survived. Lenovo Tablet (More Reviews)

Living With a Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet (Week Two)

Free Toolbars Lead to IT Support Calls

Hosting Location Matters For Data Storage Using Cloud Applications

Living With a Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet

AIIM's Top Ten Excuses for NOT Considering Document Management

Your Spam Scanning Filters Could Be Costing You Business

Your Low Volume Colour Printer is Still Eating Toner

Colour Multifunction Copier Install Is Done Right Inspite of My Error

A Better Way to Manage Your Colour Printer Toner and B&W Too.

10 Reasons For Using a Postage Meter

Don't Buy Your Office Printer and Copier From the Big Box Store!

Anti-Idling Bylaws Create New Document Security And Shredding Risk

6 Cautions For Buying a Lease Return Copier or MFP

Interactive Projectors Replace Smart Boards (Video)

Privacy Commissioner Damns Paper Records - Yes To Paperless Filing

Your Paperless Office and Document Management (Video)

5 Top Reasons to Lease Computer and MFP Equipment

9 Points to Consider For Good Customer Service

IT Support And Consumer Technologies Like Facebook Skype Video

Bad IT Support, Multifunction Printer, Postage Machine Deals

Multifunction Copier - Like A Furnace? - A Hamilton Comment

Document Management in Burlington - No More Filing Cabinets!

TASKalfa 4550ci Multifunction Colour Printer, A First Look

Document Scanning and File Conversion, the Best Format

IT Managed Services For SMB's - 9 Key Features To Look For

Office Printer Page Coverage and Toner Yields Are Confusing

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Top Facebook Pages In the IT Network Space- Weekly Digest

Snipping Tool - Reason For Windows 7 in Your IT Network in Burlington

SMB's Underutilizing Technology - IT Network Tools

IT Network Support Burlington - Weekly Digest 3

18 IT Network and Computer Acronyms Defined

MFP Toner Pirates Are Still Around

Office Document Strategies Weekly Digest - 2

University of Toronto Chemistry Document Management Upgraded

Office Document Strategies Weekly Digest

Defining Business Colour for MFP Printers

21 Most Frustrating PC Questions For IT Network Support in Canada

CRTC Internet Connectivity in Canada About Videos Not Internet Volume

Four Common Types of Document Management Software

5 Questions For Leasing Your MFP

Document Scanning on the Go?

Can Government Stop CRTC - Internet Connectivity in Canada Billing?

CRTC Internet Connectivity in Canada - Decision to Be Overturned

Internet Connectivity In Canada - Costs Are Increasing!

Microsoft Releases New Small Business Server 2011

Postage Meter Rates Changed With New Canadian Postage Pricing

MFP Printers and Copiers Have An Environmental Impact.

Desktop Scanning Comes Of Age

6 Key Parameters of IT Network Server Health

Is an MFP the Right Network Printer for Your Office?

A New Tool for Document Management? - Tablets Big at CES

8 Reasons to Replace Your Office Printer

Spammers face $10 million fine under Canada's new law!

Colour Multifunction Printers Popular - 4 Reasons Why

High Volume Scanning Gets Stopped By Lack of Support

Colour Printer Operating Costs Critical To Success

IT Network Expansion...New Hardware...Consider leasing

The Best Scanning For Your Document Imaging System

New IT Network Data Centre in Hamilton Ontario

Buying New MFP Printer in Burlington-Software Matters

SP 4120N MICR Network Laser Printer Helps Secure Printing

Some People Really Get Document Imaging in Ontario

World Paperless (Filing) Day

Is Your Paper Filing System Costing More Than Necessary?

Hamilton SMB IT Network Backup - 5 Key Tips

Are A4 MFP Printers Taking Over Burlington?

Scanning Paper Directory for File Conversion

Postage Machine Early Renewal - Caution

Environmental Impact of Office Document Strategies

IT Network - Caution - Canadian Domain Registration Court Case

Document Imaging for Hamilton - Burlington Professionals

Has Your Business Copier (MFP) Lease Been Rolled?

New MFP Printer in Burlington or Anywhere Else? Lease or Buy?

Right Sizing Your Postage Machine

What is confidential Paper Shredding?

Legacy Document Management Systems-Is It Time to Consider a Change?

Kyocera Canada Introduces FS-3140MFP Letter/Legal Device.

Ricoh Canada SPC430DN Colour Laser - Super Low Operating Costs

File Storage....Do You Know Where Your Data Goes?

Mailing System Productivity-Folder Inserters

.CO Domain - A New Choice for Internet Domains

A Paperless Document Strategy Could Be Possible

Paper Filing System Impacts Workflow in Hamilton Medical Office

Internet is a Key Information Source For Majority of Canadians

Buying and Using Your Next MFP for Burlington and Hamilton SMB's

Going Green In Office Document Strategies

Electronic Filing in Burlington Saves Time and Money

Does Brand Matter for IT Network Printing?

Useful Tools for Your IT Network - Try Them Out

Acronyms Confuse Document Management Understanding - Ten Definitions

Document management in Burlington- Where to start

Document Management Strategies Must Consider Growth of Video

Hamilton and Burlington Copier Document Security

Bringing Managed Print Services (MPS) to the SMB Client

Colour Printer Purchase is an Emotional Decision!

Is Your Colour Printer Eating Your Pocketbook- Part Two?

Insurance for your SMB IT Network

IT Network and Computer Software Tools

Understanding Costs of Postage Meters - Canada

Paper Shredding is an Important Part of Privacy Strategy

Is Your Colour Printer Eating Your Pocketbook?

Scanning - Distributed vs Centralized

Is Your Printer Tall, Dark & Handsome or a Multifunction Copier?

Impacting Business Success Through Office Document Strategies